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What defines a chronic headache?

o Headaches that occur regularly

o Lasts over a period of time, meaning months with only temporary relief.

o Not usually relieved completely with over-the-counter medicines.

Having chronic headaches does not mean you have a terrible illness such as a brain tumor or other terrible disease. Chronic headaches are usually caused from a less severe medical condition. There are many different types of headaches and although they are painful there is help out there. Because of the different types your doctor can help figure out what kind of headaches you are suffering from.

Chronic Migraine Headaches
Many people will say that they are suffering from chronic migraine headaches. Although this may be true the causes of Migraines is not fully understood. Migraine headaches hit hard and are very painful. People complain about sudden severe pain that will usually hit one side of the head. This pain will even cause you to be sensitive to light and sounds and can even make your stomach upset. Many will only find any relief by lying down in a dark quiet room for a few hours.

It is not fully understood what exactly sets off a Migraine. Whether is might be chemical reaction in the body or a certain noise or light. There have been medical breakthroughs of medicines that can work well in the treatment of Migraines. You doctor can prescribe medicines for you that might help. There is more than one medication for migraines so you may find that one medicine may or may not work as well as another. Try to keep track of when your chronic headaches or Migraines come on so we can try to see what is setting them off whether it might be stress, light, sounds and so on. There may be another underlying cause that the doctor may be able to help you with so you can get relief.

Chronic Headaches Not Related to Migraines

Migraines are not the only type of chronic headaches. There are other types of chronic headaches that can be just as painful and reoccurring. If you have allergies then you may know that you can suffer from sinus pressure which can cause some nasty headaches. Tension headaches can be very painful also. Allergy sufferers and stress can bring on chronic headaches that will last quite some time. Until it is figured out what kind of headaches you are having they cannot be treated effectively.

It is also said that some sweeteners or preservatives may be the cause of chronic headaches. This may be caused from some kind of chemical reaction in your body. Chemical imbalances can also cause chronic headaches. There are now newer medications that will help you with chemical imbalances in your body. Many different things can cause sudden throbbing pain to occur in your head, neck and shoulders. You need to try and keep track of when they come on and possibly find out what is setting them off. If your body has an imbalance of some kind your doctor should be able to find it with a simple blood test.

It is thought by many that chronic headaches are caused by blood vessels constricting or squeezing which in fact is not true. Chronic headaches and headaches in general are caused by the exact opposite happening. When your blood vessels relax is when the rush

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Chronic Headache Sufferers

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Cluster headaches are not as common as other types of headaches. In fact, statistics show that only 69 out of 100,000 people get cluster headaches. For this reason, this type of headache is not discussed very often. Still, cluster headaches can be very painful and those who suffer from them would desperately want to look for an effective cluster headache pain relief.

The median age of a cluster headache sufferer is 30 years old. Most of those who develop cluster headaches have their first cluster headache between the age of 20 and 50. Nevertheless, you can develop a cluster headache at any time in life. Some people actually experience their firs symptoms before they even turn 10-years-old. There are also some people who do not get cluster headaches until they are 80-years-old or older. Men are usually affected more often than women. In fact, five out of every six who suffer from a cluster headache is a male.

You need to have a clear understanding of the symptoms if you are looking for a cluster headache relief. A cluster headache is called as such because it usually attacks you in clusters. It is usual for an attack to last between a half hour and two hours. You can also experience anywhere from one headache per week to six per day. It all depends upon how severe your condition is. These attacks occur in waves. Most patients will experience between four and eight headaches per week. You may experience this for several years but not many people are afflicted in this way.

For a cluster headache diagnosis, you need to get a proper diagnosis from your doctor first. Your doctor can help you determine if you may be experiencing cluster headaches because your nasal passage is blocked.

Some other symptoms that commonly occur with cluster headaches include red eyes and sweating from your forehead and cheeks. The pain that you experience with a cluster headache usually begins around or above your eye and then spreads outward. These headaches come in a flash and reach their height of pain within two to fifteen minutes. Once you begin to have a cluster headache, your heart rate will begin to beat at a much higher pace. These are important signs to note when you are trying to figure out what type of headache you are suffering from. A more accurate observation of your symptoms can help you come closer to an effective cluster headache pain relief.

The sad part is that there appears to be no cure for you if you are suffering from a cluster headache. OTC analgesics such as aspirin are not an effective cluster headache pain relief because by the time the pills begin to work the headache is nearing its end. Doctors would have to prescribe antihistamines, calcium channel blockers and ergot preparations for cluster headache pain relief.

Other than drugs, there are plenty of other ways for cluster headache pain relief. These methods are natural and result in little or no side effects. You can get enough sleep, reduce stress, look for other relaxation techniques designed to help you reduce stress and tension.


Overconsumption of drugs for headache relief can result in rebound headaches and worsening migraines. Get more information on headache natural treatment here on this site at http://www.headacheremedysecrets.com

What To Do For Cluster Headache Pain Relief


Study Migraine Cured and Other Headache Remedies - Get Rid of Your Anguish Forever! far more

Migraine Cured and Other Headache Remedies - Get Rid of Your Anguish Forever!

Headache Cures

My Migraine is cured!!! Do you long to hear those words?

How many times have you heard the words "avoid caffeine, red wine chocolate?" Ect, etc and you'll be OK to having you're migraine cured forever.

Migraines are one of the most agonising and traumatising illnesses known. A person who does not have them really does not know how lucky they are.

Many times I have woken up I the middle of the night with a thumping Migraine, in fact, I have even had time off my job and had to go home literally to put my head under the bedcovers and close the curtains. It got to the stage where I was in front of my boss trying to explain why I was having so much time off. She didn't suffer herself so how can you explain to someone the trouble you have when they don't understand themselves.

Why do I get Migraines and how do I treat them?

You need to understand how migraines work and understand them before you can get rid of them forever.

Many people assume that medical science will provide the cure when in actual fact small significant changes in your lifestyle can make real changes. Things like diet and exercise help but let's be honest who really does that to change their problems until your are told to by your doctor.

You need to understand more than just losing weight and exercise. There is treatment out there in various drugs and remedies but not everyone is the same. What works for one does not usually work for another in my Experience. So you have to find what works best for you. My father used to suffer with them in his younger days but he found a treatment which worked but didn't work for me, so you may have to try other things.

My Name is Craig Rogers I'm from Sheffield, England and have suffered from migraines for years and have finally now got rid of the problem.

I have done some research into migraines and headaches by attending groups in person and over the internet and have a FREE gift for you!!!

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Study Is My Headache Caused by a Brain Tumor? extra

Is My Headache Caused by a Brain Tumor?


Almost everyone experiences a headache now and then. In most cases these intermittent headaches will not be a sign of a more serious health condition. However, in some instances the headache will only be a symptom of some underlying disease or condition.

There are two types of headaches, primary and secondary. Primary headaches are simply head pain. Secondary headaches are caused when some other health condition such as a disease, infection, brain tumor, or other factor is present. With secondary headaches the head pain is just a symptom of the primary health disorder. By looking at a few factors it is usually possible to determine if your head pain is nothing to be worried about or a serious health condition.

If you suffer with three or more headaches a week, this is not a natural thing. If you are having three or more headaches a week you should see a medical doctor. You should also seek medical help if you are taking painkillers almost every day or if the pain is continually getting more intense, it's time to talk with a doctor about your problem.

The sudden onset of a headache after a fall or other head injury could signify a major problem and immediate medical assistance is required. If a headache appears suddenly and is severe in intensity, you should again seek immediate medical attention. There are many reasons to seek immediate help from a doctor and the most common reasons are if you have a headache that is accompanied by a fever, seizures, double vision, stiff neck, loss of mental focus or confusion, or rash. Additionally, if you are over 50 years of age and start experiencing new headache pain that you never had before, it's time to seek help.

Migraine headaches are usually experienced on one side of the head, but will switch sides from one headache to the next. The pain can be on one side for a headache or two and then be on the other side the next time or two. This is normal. However, if the pain is continually on the same side it could be caused by a brain tumor.

Brain tumors will normally be associated with other symptoms as well. They tend to cause a loss of sensation or function on one side of the body as the tumor pushes against tissues on one side of the brain. When a tumor causes an increased amount of pressure on the brain it can cause other symptoms such as loss of balance, vision problems in one eye, or other one-sided symptoms.

If you ever experience symptoms that you believe may be caused by a brain tumor it's important to seek medical help immediately. The quicker a tumor is discovered the better your chances of successful treatment.

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To those people who do not wish to pop pills to kill pain, this is a good and effective method to consider when a headache comes on.

The fingers of our hands and toes of our feet are mapped to our head by meridians running through the body. The right hand and its fingers are associated with the right half including the neck and head. Similarly the left hand and fingers are associated with the left half of the body including the neck and head. The same applies to the feet.

If the fingers of the hand were placed in front of the face with the palm facing away from the face, you can determine the relationship between each finger with each of the 10 zones or meridians on the head. The thumbs associate with the center of the head. The index fingers a little distance away to the left and the right, over the inside of the eyes. The middle fingers toward the center/outer edge of the eyes. The ring fingers near the temples. And the baby fingers associate with the left and right edges of the head and ears.

When we have a headache one effective technique is to use the clothes peg, preferably the wooden ones, if they can still be found. Alternatively, if you can find some kind of clip that doesn't apply too much pressure that it blocks the blood flow, you can use that too.

Knowing the association between the fingers and the zones or meridians on the head, you can use the pegs on specific fingers to deal with the ache in a specific location of the head. If the headache is on the right side of the body, over the eye or behind the eye, place the clothes peg on the index and middle fingers of the right hand and leave it on for as long as possible. The continuous pressure has a sedative effect and would eventually block the pain.

If it is a diffused headache on one side of the head, use the pegs on all the fingers of the same side, i.e. for right half of the head, place pegs on the fingers of the right hand, and for the left half, on the fingers of the left hand.

Take a short nap and by the time you rise, you'll find that the headache is gone! A few years back, the mother of a colleague had a headache for several days, which started with the flu but did not go away when the flu left. I suggested this method. She used the pegs on all the fingers of one hand at first and took a nap. When she woke up, she found that one side of her head was no longer painful. Then she placed the pegs on the other hand, took another short rest and a few hours later found that she was finally head-ache-free!


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Easy Headache Solution

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Only those who have ever suffered horrible migraine headaches really understand how desperate they can make you feel. To the bystander it may seem like it's 'just' a headache, but for the migraine sufferer it's a debilitating affliction that puts you out for several hours or even days at the time. Medicine works, but have side effects and can be expensive, and only treats the symptoms and not causes. If you are looking for a natural migraine headache cure, maybe these suggestions can help you.

Migraine headaches can be triggered by many different things, but a very common cause is also often overlooked. Dehydration is a sure way to get a headache and if you are prone to migraines then making sure to drink enough water and liquids can mean the difference between a short attack or a long attack. Be sure to drink plenty of water during the day and supplement with fresh fruit juices.

Warm baths can help both prevent and ease migraine attacks. If you feel the migraine coming on, try lowering the lights or turn them of completely while relaxing in a hot bath. You can add some lavender oil to the bath and on the temples. Lavender oil has proven very good at treating the pain from migraine in many migraneurs.

Cold compresses are another tried and tested natural migraine headache cure. Soak a towel in a bucket of ice water and then apply around your skull. This should you help alleviate the worst pain.

Massages are both pleasurable and relaxing. Neck and head massages are particularly effective against migraine. If you are prone to stress and tension, then something as simple as getting your partner to give you a massage may eliminate headaches completely.

Headache Cures

Natural migraine relief CAN be a viable alternative to medication and multiple doctor visits, but it is important to choose the right treatment and stay away from hearsay and half-truths. Over the past 20 years, the author of The Migraine Relief [http://migrainescure.org] system has compiled the natural cures that have proven successful in ending the nightmare of migraines, once and for all. If you are interested in learning how to take control of your life and health again, click the link!

Natural Migraine Headache Cure - Simple Treatments That Can Help

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Sinus headaches are the result of congestion in the sinus and the facial region. The pain can be very intensive and requires timely treatment for the person who suffers from it. You must consult a doctor if you suffer from this condition before using any sort of over the counter medication. There are many over the counter treatments you can use, however make sure you check it with your doctor first - unless the treatment is 100% natural and harmless.

For those who do not want to consult the doctor they can opt for the natural treatments. There are many natural remedies that can provide you with very effective cure for headache. For example consumption of vitamin C found in natural foods is very effective as sinus headache cure. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C are strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower and gooseberry. Pineapple and oranges are also very beneficial as they contain a high content of Vitamin C.

You can also eat warm soup and avoid cold food, basically try to avoid anything that can cause further irritation of the sinuses. Sipping warm water can also help as it helps open nasal passages. Echinacea is a natural herb that is very effective for combating sinus infection and headaches. It can be taken as tea, in capsules or in liquid form. For the sinus headache cure you can also soak or shower in warm water, or use compress on your head that can be soaked in grind cinnamon. Green tea is also helpful and inhaling hot steam can also effectively reduce the occurrence of sinusitis caused headaches.

Headache Cures

Natural Sinus Cure?

How to really cure your Sinus infection?

Use simple, home grocery items!


Sinus Headache Cure - How to Cure the Pain Caused by Sinus Headache

Examine Homeopathic Headache Remedies For Pain Relief extra

Homeopathic Headache Remedies For Pain Relief

Headache Cures

Headache Cures

Many people suffer from headaches sometime during their lifetime. They can be caused by sickness, illness, stress, or injury. And to treat the pain, people are constantly searching for headache cures. One such treatment is the homeopathic headache remedy. Homeopathic medicine treats the body naturally and wholly and tries to help the body heal itself from the inside out. Some common remedies to treat headaches are listed below. Some people have found great relief with these solutions. You may have to try several to find the one that works for you.

Arnica - Arnica is a wildflower plant that grows in the mountains in rich, loamy soil. The flowers of the plant are collected and dried and used to treat sprains, strains, and pain. The plant is mixed with salves and oils and applied directly to the skin in the affected area. Alternatively, it can be made into a homeopathic medicine that is taken internally. For headaches, arnica can be applied to the base of the skull and back of the neck for tension headaches, or to the forehead and frontal lobes for head pain in that area.

Cyclamen - Is used to treat migraines associated with dizziness, blurred or dimmed vision, or eye spasm. Cyclamen grows natively in the Mediterranean region but is often cultivated as a house plant. Cyclamen is also used to regulate the menstrual cycle and to treat violent headaches with flickering before the eyes. It is also good for burning pain in the skin and muscles. It is a strong herb so care must be taken with dosing. Large doses produce violent purging and vomiting.

Ignatia Amara - This remedy is from a small tree that produces a bean pod. These are harvested to make the remedy. It is especially good for treating stress headaches as it works as a tranquilizer and helps to calm stress.

* While most people have no problems taking homeopathic remedies you should seek out the professional advice of a medical doctor before you start any herbal remedy.

For a complete listing of homeopathic headache remedies visit Homepathic Headache [http://www.homeopathicheadache.com/] at [http://www.homeopathicheadache.com/].

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Conventional medication treatments for migraine are often expensive, have nasty side effects and frequently are ineffective. This may mean you will have to seek alternative remedies for your migraine - very often these are more effective in allowing you to resume your normal daily activity.

No one knows for certain what causes migraine. The best treatment for migraine is to prevent it. The aim of a preventive treatment for migraine is to prevent or reduce the frequency of new migraine attacks from occurring. Headaches manifest themselves in a variety of ways depending on a person's stress level, physiology, diet and even immune responses.

The conventional treatment for migraine is painkillers, the best known ones which are Sumatripan or Imitrex. Drug treatment for migraine is classified as abortive (aimed at relieving acute attacks) and prophylactic (aimed at preventing episodic migraine from becoming recurrent and preventing recurrences in patients with chronic migraine). Treatment for migraine differs greatly, it has been found, depending on whether the prescribing physician is a general practitioner or a neurologist.

Some palliative measures have been found to be helpful when sufferers are undergoing an attack. A quiet dark room, sleep and ice on the forehead are beneficial. Migraineurs (migraine sufferers) seem to spend their lives looking for ways of prevention and very often diet is carefully scrutinised.

Diet will come under a lot of scrutiny and every migraineur (migraine sufferer) will have identified certain foods which seem to bring on an attack. Explaining to your boss that you are a migraineur will also help as you will need more breaks. Time lost here will be nothing to the time you have to take off if you actually get an attack. Look at your posture and your seating arrangements at the computer as tightening neck muscles and slouching can bring on an attack.

The herb feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) has been used for centuries as a folk remedy for headache, migraine, arthritis, pain, and fever in Europe. Natural remedies for migraine treatment generally can be grouped into two distinct areas of opportunity, these being manual therapies such as hypnosis, meditation , acupuncture , shiatsu or herbal remedies using herbs with specific nutrients to treat migraine.

Magnesium, a mineral found in soybeans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fish, is one of the most promising nutrients in headache research. American researchers suggest that a combination of magnesium taurate and fish oil may help prevent migraine headaches, based on the ability of both to reduce blood vessel spasms. Butterbur root extract and Vitamin B2 have also shown promising results.

Migraineurs are unhappy taking conventional medications for a long period because of the side effects. Some seek a complete change and a herbal remedy could well be the solution.

Headache Cures

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Migraine Headache Alternative Remedies

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Headache Cures

Headaches, a common ailment among both children and adults can be a blight on an otherwise bright day. That sinking feeling of the pain getting worse in your head followed by that throbbing or stabbing pain behind the eyes can cause such a discomfort that everyone of us can relate to.

There are many causes of headaches but some are more common than others, like:

a) Sleeping badly can often cause a bad headache
b) Excessive much consumption of alcohol
c) Reading in bad or dim light for prolonged period
d) Dehydration
e) Colds and flu
f) Listening to Loud music for extended period
g) Stress.
h) Menstruation.
i) Screaming kids
j) Migraines and certain food allergies
k) Bad posture

If you suffer headaches frequently, be it for any one reason and having to pop pills to alleviate the pain more than a few times a week then you should seek medical advice as a first step to determine if you have any serious medical condition that is causing headaches. However, the good news is that many simple headaches can be cured naturally and without popping pills by alleviating the muscle contractions in the cranium that causes the headaches in the first place.

Almost all of us would reach for pills the moment we experience headache to get rid of it pronto because it affects our daily lives adversely. But this often can be the wrong approach. Aspirin, paracetemol and ibruprofen can often cause micro lesions in the stomach and long terms are not good for the digestive tract.

So what is the answer?

The answer could be AcuPressure, good for children and adults alike.

'AcuPressure' system relies upon an ancient technique for massaging key points on the skull which massages 8 key points in a sequence on the cranial. Like acupuncture but without the pins, this system is non-invasive. Bad neck posture often pulls the neck muscles that pull on the cranium vault that pulls on the brain - but this ancient method will alleviate that cranial pull and the pain.

As soon as you feel that you have a headache, you should think about doing the 8 points which can be done immediately to prevent the pain. And as the method is non-chemical and non-invasive, as long as you have the Acupressure device (a pin with a ball bearing on it that does not penetrate the skin) with you, you can do the 8 point massage as often as you like to alleviate the pain. It may be done several times by relaxing the cranium muscles. The best part of AcuPressure system is that you can heal your own head ache at home, without the need for needles or pills and with ease. So don't sit at home and suffer, or pop yet more pills you know aren't good for you. You may want to learn more about how to cure headaches in 2 minutes without any pills.. For all headache sufferers the time is now to eliminate this blight and get back to doing what you love to do uninterrupted.

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Headaches - 2 Minute Cure

Headache Cures

Read through Natural Sinus Headache Relief - Ways to Prevent Sinus Headaches extra

Headache Cures

Nowadays, more and more people are discovering the wonders of alternative medicine in treating certain diseases. There is no point in denying that over-the-counter drugs and medicines are effective. They work fast and they are convenient to use. However, there are several adverse effects brought by these drugs. As a result, patients with sinusitis switch to natural sinus headache relief methods.

Understanding the Efficacy of Natural Cures

In treating sinusitis, many question whether natural relief is as effective as OTC drugs. There are people who prefer conventional medicine because they feel that home remedies do not work as fast. Meanwhile, there are some patients who swear by natural medicines saying that they are effective and safe.

Natural sinus headache relief may come in any form. Sinusitis can be treated by home remedies or with the help of simple lifestyle changes.

Ways to Deal with Sinus Headache

In treating sinus headaches, the first thing that you need to do is to consult with your physician. The best way to attend to this condition is to determine the underlying cause of sinus inflammation. If you got it because of flu or common colds, you need to strengthen your immune system. If you develop it because of unhealthy lifestyle practices, then you need to modify or alter your habits to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Some of natural relief methods include the following:

1. Get rid of vices- First and foremost, smoking can further aggravate your condition. Stop smoking cigarettes and everything else will follow.

2. Ginger mask- Ginger is not only an ingredient in most dishes. It can help cure various ailments including sinus headaches. Get a whole piece of ginger, peel off the skin, and slice it into several pieces. Mash it up and mix it with water or milk. Apply the mixture to your forehead for several minutes. This can help relieve mild to severe headache. Repeat every 30 minutes.

3. Aromatherapy oils- Eucalyptus, lavender, and jasmine oils can help throbbing headache from sinusitis. Put them around your bedroom and rest. Aromatherapy oils can help your body relax and lessen the intensity of your headache.

4. Inhale steam- Another effective cure is a steam bath. Take a warm bath, let the water run, and inhale the steam. Do this at least twice a day. Breathing in steam can clear up your clogged nose. This can provide you with instant relief.

If you are suffering from this, think no further. Consider doing any of the mentioned natural sinus headache relief methods and free yourself from all the suffering. You can even try all of them to see which is the most effective.

If you are suffering from sinus headaches, check out http://www.sinusheadachereliefcenter.com and find out all the natural sinus headache relief options that you can do at home.

Natural Sinus Headache Relief - Ways to Prevent Sinus Headaches

Headache Cures

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Some Herbal Remedies For Headaches

Headache Cures

Headache Cures

There are several over the counter remedies available for headaches but many like aspiring cause side effects such as stomach upsets. Here are a few tips that use herbal remedies for treating headache symptoms.

If your job involves traveling, carry a small pack of almonds with you. Almonds contain a natural painkiller called salicylates which is in fact present even in aspirin although in its synthetic form. Whenever you get a headache, chew on four or five almonds and you will find yourself relieved of the headache. The added benefits are that your blood pressure will be regulated and your blood cholesterol levels will get reduced.

Raisins are also a quick remedy against headaches. Even those with migraines can benefit from chewing raisins. Raisins are low in fat and yet provide an energy boost. They are great as a snack as they contain a high level of antioxidants. Raisins are good for your overall health apart from being good for curing headaches.

The herb, borage, is said to have properties that help in providing relief during headaches. Even those suffering from insomnia find that taking borage steeped in wine cures sleeplessness. Borage oil prevents inflammation and is even used to cure eczema and acne.

Violet has been used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to cure a host of ailments. Violet tea is an effective cure for migraines. It is even used as remedy for hives and dry rashes.

Vervain is a plant that is used to cure headaches that can range from mild to really severe ones. If you suffer from chronic headaches, you should drink a cup of vervain tea everyday to ward off regular headaches. Those who suffer from depression can also get relief from drinking vervain tea.

You can also make your own herbal potion to cure headaches. Make a tea using valerian, skullcap, lemon balm and passion flower and drink at least one cup regularly. You can use lavender and mullein in your herbal tea. If you want something to soothe your muscles you could try adding chamomile, rosemary or mint.

You can also apply peppermint tea topically to soothe headache related symptoms. Using a cotton swab just dab a few drops onto your face.

For headaches caused by sinus inflammation or congestion, you could use herbs like sage, basil, cayenne, cinnamon, ginger or magnolia blossoms. All these herbs have a warming influence and are therefore great for promoting better circulation in the body.

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Understand The Migraine Headache - Allergy Connection additional

The Migraine Headache - Allergy Connection


Most everyone has had a headache at some time, but there are people who cannot function on a daily basis due to headache pain. Many people go to physicians for headaches, in fact, headaches are the ninth most common cause of physician visits. Some headaches are caused by serious medical conditions and may need medical treatment.

Migraines, which come on an average of 1-2 times per month, may last anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days each. The pain, may vary from throbbing to moderate, often comes on gradually. Sometimes it starts on one side of the head and then switches sides. People report seeing lights, rainbows and blurred vision. There may also be loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting.

More women than men complain of headaches. Usually migraine patients have a family background of headaches 80% of the time. 43% of migraine sufferers complain of eye symptoms. According to many studies, most sufferers have other symptoms: hay fever, eczema, travel sickness and a history of digestive tract problems.

The Allergy Connection

Migraines are often a reaction to an allergen, which in turn, irritates the blood vessels. In migraines, an artery, most commonly the superficial temporal artery, becomes constricted at first, then the same segment of the artery becomes widely dilated, and overstretched. The pressure of the blood carried in the artery increases the pain, whereas compression of the artery with the hands on the side of the head over the dilated segment will cause relief of pain. The control of blood vessel tone is through the autonomic nervous system. Thus many natural treatments are directed at the nervous system and blood vessels.

Triggering Agents

The most common triggering agents for migraines are alterations in serotonin metabolism (a deficiency), food allergies (in order of the most common- wheat, citrus fruit, eggs, tea, coffee, chocolate, milk, salt, corn, cane sugar, yeast, alcohol, cheeses, onions), low magnesium levels, hormonal imbalances, histamine-induced platelet aggregation (blood platelets sticking together). Migraine headaches can also be triggered by eyestrain, poor posture, stress, sleep excess or deficiency, weather changes, blood sugar imbalances and drug use. (Dr. Dana Myatt)

Other studies cite triggers like hypoglycemia, tension, depression, tobacco, birth control pills, vasodilator drugs, water retention, menstruation, wind exposure, and sun exposure. There may also be factors that aggravate migraines such as poor air, constipation, getting cold, noise, carbon monoxide poisoning, very low / high blood pressure, altitude changes (air travel), bright or flashing lights (a recent study showed 30% were in the sun when the migraine started), loud or low frequency noises, electromagnetic fields (cell or portable phone), emotional stress or trauma, strong odors (including news print), pet allergies, and others. (Dr. Ron Roth and Lancet)

Can Foods Cause Migraines?

When allergy producing foods were avoided there was a dramatic fall in the number of headaches per month, 85% of patients becoming headache-free (Lancet) Migraine users may want to stay away from food with dairy and wheat.

Eating too many varieties of foods at one meal is a common cause of headache. The many chemicals from the various foods, even though naturally produced, still make war inside the system. For people with headaches it is wise to take two dishes at a meal of very simple foods. (Dr. Agatha Thrash).

Natural Relief

* When the headaches first starts, applying an ice pack can provide quick relief. The ice pack can be placed on the top of the head or on the forehead.

* Tension headaches result from stress and reduced blood flow to the brain, causing the neck muscles to tighten. To soothe the neck muscles apply heat. Applying a heating pad or taking a hot bath can provide relief.

* A massage can relieve stress and relax the muscles in the neck and other parts of the body. With the fingertips, massage the scalp and temples, using a circular motion.

* A hot foot bath with a cold compress or ice pack over the painful area can also be helpful.

* Studies show that Feverfew and Ginkgo reduce migraines and vascular headaches. The leaves of the Feverfew contain parthenolide, which inhibits the production of substances that dilate blood vessels and cause inflammation. Ginkgo also relieves ringing in the ear, and dizziness often associated with headaches. Feverfew and Ginkgo are available at health food stores.

* Ginger relaxes blood vessels in the head and reduces swelling in the brain. It activates natural opiates in the brain that relieve pain. Ginger can be taken in the form of tea or in tablets available at health food stores.

Where to Find Help

For information on headaches contact: The National Headache Foundation (888) NHF-5552. Always consult a physician before proceeding with any remedies. Headaches can be a sign of a very serious medical condition that can lead to death.

Since diet can play a part in migraines, reducing allergy producing foods is recommended. If you can't afford the $100 food allergy test from your alternative medicine provider, you can instead try going 1 month each without wheat, dairy, and yeast. Those are the most common offenders. If any of them is involved, you should notice a difference!

Although it can be a challenge to change your diet, if the end result is migraine headache relief, it will be well worth your effort. There are an increasing number of non-allergenic food mixes and seasonings on the market today that have no dairy, are easy to make and healthful and fun to eat. You may want to consider some of those options while testing your diet to see if you can determine what foods, if any, are the ones that give you a headache.

Cari Haus is webmaster for http://www.thevegetarianexpress.com, a manufacturer and online retailer of quality vegan food mixes and seasonings.

Understand Headaches After Eating - Cause For Concern? far more

Headaches After Eating - Cause For Concern?

Headache Cures

Do you get headaches after eating? This could be a serious problem as I will get into very shortly. However, let's try to avoid needless worry by ruling out if you need to make a visit to the doctor.

First of all, if you have only experienced a few headaches after eating, that is if it has only happened once or twice, then you likely don't have cause for concern. However, you do want to remember what you ate when you did get a headache so you can avoid that food in the future. That's just common sense. You could have food allergies to something you are eating and that is what is actually causing the headache. Bring it up with your doctor the next time you see him or her.

Of course, if it's more than headaches after eating, such as swelling of the throat then you will want to go to the emergency room immediately as you might be having a serious allergic reaction to something you ate.

Now, if you are getting headaches after eating everyday or every meal then you could have a very serious problem that you will want to bring to the attention of a doctor immediately. This could be a sign of diabetes, which if left untreated could kill you. Luckily, diabetes is treatable and doesn't have to be life threatening if you modify for your diet and begin exercising on a regular basis.

What is diabetes? It is a disease that more and more Americans are suffering from every year. It is being forecasted that over 33% of American will have diabetes within the next 10 years. This is mainly because our diet is getting poorer as days go by. Very often, depending on the kind of diabetes you have, you can completely cure yourself by eating a proper diet and exercising regularly. Some diabetes suffers have even been able to completely come off their medication. So, the diabetes may be the cause of your headaches after eating.

If your headaches after eating are isolated or don't occur often, maybe only once a month, then you probably don't have a serious problem. It could either be a coincidence that you get the headaches after eating, or you could have food allergies. When you eat the food you are allergic to, you may get a headache. Pay attention to what you are eating when you get the headaches and don't eat that food again, or eat less of it.If you get headaches after eating everyday then you should see a doctor immediately to rule out diabetes.

Jonathan Higgins writes on the causes and treatments of headaches. He writes for several websites including Effective Headache Cures [http://www.effective-headache-cures.com/general-headache/sudden-severe-headaches-and-vomiting-could-be-the-sign-of-a-serious-problem-13/].

Read The ABCs Of Fighting A Stiff Neck Headache much more

The ABCs Of Fighting A Stiff Neck Headache



So you have a painful constricted feeling in your neck. Even trying to turn your head brings a sharp severe pain. And as if it is not enough, you also have a headache which keeps you wide awake without the benefit of tossing and turning on your bed.

A stiff neck headache is not something that people normally consider to be dangerous.
More often than not, a stiff neck headache is not even a serious problem. Doctors often term it as a cervical spasm.

Usually, it is caused by uncomfortable sleeping position which puts unnecessary stress to your neck. So whenever you have a stiff neck headache, it is a good bet that you are only experiencing the effects of sore muscles.

However, stiff neck headache should not be taken lightly either. If you are suffering from stiff neck headache, especially if the occurrence is frequent, it might be best for you to see a doctor. You have nothing to lose but all to gain when you consult experts about this ailment.

Sometimes, stiff neck headaches happen after suffering a concussion to your head or neck. There are also some serious diseases associated with stiff neck headache; for example, meningitis and high blood pressure. Cases like these must be checked out first before you can be sure that the searing pains you have in your neck are nothing but a crick in the neck. Once your doctor is sure that your stiff neck headache is nothing serious, you can have plenty of treatment alternatives on top of peace of mind.

A stiff neck headache is possibly a symptom of a more serious and bigger ailment if it comes with other abnormal characteristics aside from pain in the neck. In meningitis for instance, the pain in the neck becomes worse as you try to move your chin downward. If ever you are feeling nauseated and utterly confused for no apparent reason, you might be experiencing inflammation in the brain which is, needless to say, very dangerous. A crunching sound while trying to move your painful neck coupled with a tingling sensation in your upper extremities can point to cervical osteoarthritis.

So just how do you deal with stiff neck headache? Is it possible for you to ease the pain brought by stiff neck headache? Here are a few tips to avoid or to comfort you during the trying times of a stiff neck headache; but remember that this should be done only when you are absolutely sure, upon consultation with your doctor, that you are only experiencing a muscular spasm on your neck area.

Firstly, fix your bed. As majority of stiff neck headaches are caused during sleep the likes of which you could almost wring your neck without even feeling it, you can start by clearing away unnecessary objects in your bed. Example, you should not sleep with your laptop computer or books in bed because these can become obstructions which could hurt your neck while you sleep.

A bad sleeping position can cause unwanted stress to your neck and head, so choose comfortable pillows and a cushioned but not too soft bed. A bed that gives good support and spreads pressure points on your back while you lay down is not only comfortable but healthy as well.

Secondly, if you are having stiff neck headaches as you go about your job routine in front of a desktop computer for eight hours, consider using a cervical collar. You can also make one by doubling over a piece of towel or cloth and enclosing it around the neck and fastened by a pin. This collar provides additional neck support and definitely relieves unnecessary stress to your neck.

You can also put a small pillow sandwiched between the back of your neck and your office chair's back rest for support; or better yet, use a comfortable traveling pillow which can be easily wrapped around your neck in a snap.

Finally, give your neck a regular exercise. A recurring stiff neck headache can be prevented by strengthening your neck muscles through regular neck exercise. A simple routine consists of moving the shoulders backwards to the point that the shoulder blades are pushed nearer to each other and then relax your shoulders and turn your neck slowly from side to side.

You can also have your neck constantly massaged. Train yourself to sit and stand up straight. Most of the time, stiff neck headache is a result of bad posture.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://headache.topicgiant.com where you can learn more about the cause and treatment of all types of headaches as well as more about the stiff neck headache [http://headache.topicgiant.com/Articles/Stiff_Neck_Headache.php].

Read Headache Support - You Should Keep a Headache Journal a lot more

Headache Support - You Should Keep a Headache Journal


I am a twenty plus year headache sufferer. Like you probably are, I was nearly at the end of my rope. After consulting with my neurologist, I decided to begin a headache journal. Once I started keeping a headache journal, my headaches improved almost immeasurably. I want to give you a few reasons why you should start keeping a headache journal as well.

It is not always easy to remember the severity and frequency of our headaches. How to do you remember whether you had a mild or a moderate headache on a Tuesday. In addition, in order to properly monitor your headaches you will also need to remember what you ate for breakfast and even whether or not you took any pain relievers the previous day.

These things are impossible to keep proper track of without a journal. Did you know that you will only remember ten percent of the thoughts that cross your mind? What does this mean to you? You won't necessarily remember everything that you ate, the pills you may have taken, even how much sleep you managed to get the night before.

If you have not already seen a medical practitioner about your constant headaches, the first thing she is going to want to know is the frequency, severity, and your use of pain relievers. It would be much easier for her to help you manage it with this information.

If you take pain relievers for your headaches, then I can almost guarantee that you take more than you realize. Pain relievers are considered by many neurologists as the number one cause of headache pain. They refer to it as a rebound headache and many believe that a rebound headache can occur from as few as 6 pain relievers a week.

In case you believe that this is not a lot, then please remember that it is only 2 pills, 3 times a week. This is easy to take, especially if you are not keeping track.

Finally, you will need to keep a headache journal because you will want to see positive results. If you have identified a food or a faulty sleeping pattern that is causing your headache, then you will want to be able to look back at your journal and think, " that is when my headaches started getting better."

Hopefully, you will begin to see some of the reasons why you get constant headaches.

Are your constant headaches getting you down? I was so frustrated that I almost couldn't cope anymore, no doctors could help and I was almost at the end of my rope. I started to take notes and finally got my headaches under control.

I now have a blog that outlines how I gradually reduced the frequency and severity of my headaches, and how you can cure your headache.

Go through Effective Migraine Headache Cure far more

Effective Migraine Headache Cure

Headache Cures

If you are searching for an approach to eliminate your migraines for good you've got two choices. You're able to draw on painkillers to try and lessen your migraine headache symptoms or you can utilize a natural strategy. Nevertheless, you should understand that no medication can grant you a migraine headache cure. To attain full remission of your pain it will force you to look for a successful natural course of treatment. Drugs do only one thing. Their goal is to relieve discomfort on a temporary basis, but they will do nothing to avert the next migraine.

As many folks have unfortunately found out, exterminating migraine headache symptoms forever can become an awfully complicated job. A migraine remedy that works for one individual might not help somebody else. Each and every person is unique and will most likely react differently than any other person to a specific sort of remedy. For that reason it might be useful to test a mixture of migraine headache natural cures until one is found that works. Fortunately, most natural treatment approaches that may result in a migraine headache cure are safe and inexpensive, and many can be utilized with no unpleasant results.

The migraine headache ailment can cause a total disruption in the life of an individual. The severity of the symptoms might be the cause of missing days of work, anxiety, and missed family activities. The only method for getting rid of migraine pain once and for all is by trying to eliminate the root cause of the condition. The cause of the migraine headache symptoms has got to be eliminated. And the only way to eliminate the root cause is by using safe and natural migraine treatment options.

Several varieties of headache can commonly be confused with migraine conditions and as a result it is essential to first verify what form of headache you experience. Without a correct diagnosis you can end up using the wrong sort of remedy, resulting in an increase in the intensity of pain rather than a reduction in pain. After you have determined that migraine is what you suffer with you can then begin to examine the numerous natural strategies for getting rid of migraine headache symptoms.

Each and every migraine relief method has an objective. Its aim is to either give quick relief of pain symptoms or cause a complete migraine headache cure. If the purpose is to provide temporary pain relief due to an acute migraine, the intention will be the same as if pain killers were used. Nonetheless, the benefits and advantages of obtaining relief through natural methods rather than with painkillers are twofold. Natural treatment options are usually less risky and more affordable.

If the objective is to accomplish a cure using natural approaches, a person will not be shopping for short-term pain relief, but long lasting prevention of migraine symptoms. This is one thing that painkillers are not manufactured to accomplish. If you are expecting to discover a lasting migraine headache cure you will need to examine the natural treatment strategies that are available at the moment.

A migraine headache is brought about once the blood vessels surrounding the brain dilate and inflame. An effective approach for decreasing blood vessel enlargement is by lessening blood flow to the head. This may be accomplished by placing a cold pack at the base of the skull on the upper neck, climbing into a hot bath, or both together. Whatever directs blood toward the body and away from the head can decrease the blood flow to the head and provide speedy migraine relief. However, it's for temporary relief only. If you would like to find permanent relief you will be required to try other natural remedies that deal with the root cause of the condition.

If finding a migraine headache natural cure is critical to you personally, you'll find a handful of items about the disorder you personally are obligated to be familiar with. Producing a high-quality treatment approach demands that you first are familiar with several migraine headache details.

Examine Headaches - Migraine Remedies additional

Headache Cures

Migraines can be very painful and almost crippling to its sufferers. And you would think that in the world of medical advancements that we live in that doctors would be able to tame this. Yet, it still seams to be a hit and miss when it comes to cures and migraine remedies. Many have tried and failed to prevent these headaches or even reduce the pain that it inflicts with pain killers but these can often be ineffective. Even when they do work it's not for sure that the attacks will not return.

However for some people pain killer are effective. Determining how much of what kind of pain killer to take when can be difficult but it never the less possible. If you have consulted with your doctor about this then he has probably recommended or prescribed you some pain killers. This is often the first step that many doctors take. Be sure that you take it as he prescribes as even if it doesn't work it could help him/her to figure out something that will. But the reason that pain killers may not work is that they don't target the specific problem. It's more a patch job then anything else.

If pain killers are ineffective for you then other migraine remedies have been seen to work, such as vitamins. More specifically vitamins B2, B3 and B6 help prevent narrowing of the arteries which then help blood flow and thus could potentially reduce the severity of a migraine or eliminate it completely.

Magnesium tablets are included into the list of possible migraine remedies. These basically have the same effect as the B vitamins only these help with chemical message between your brain and the arteries. Since all a migraine is is a chemical imbalance in the brain, when taken properly these can be very effective. The dose that the hospitals are using is 200mg of magnesium citrate capsules which are taken twice a day.

Something else that many could be very easily over seeing is a healthy diet. If you have a diet rich in natural fat then your chances of a migraine are largely reduced. Many natural fats contain Omega 3 which has also been known to help prevent inflammation of the arteries but more specifically the ones in the brain. This if it works can largely decrease the pain in an attack or even very well eliminate the attacks all together.

Need a little more help and running out of ideas? Check out this site, it could help you out: http://www.squidoo.com/migraine-remedies.

Headaches - Migraine Remedies

Headache Cures

Examine Not Another Headache additional


Most of us would usually take aspirin to relieve headache but contrary to a popular belief, aspirin doesn't cure all headaches. There are even possibilities that aspirin can masks symptoms that are otherwise important in diagnosing an underlying illness. Aspirin can also cause untoward side effects when there used over an extended period of time. Luckily, most headaches without other accompanying symptoms respond well to self-care.

It is estimated that almost 90 percent of all headaches are caused by stress or tension, factors that can be controlled. If you experience very bad or unusual headaches, you should consult your doctor. A very painful or unusual headache can be a symptom of a serious medical illness that requires proper medical management and care.

There are three general categories of headache and these are tension, cluster and migraine headaches.

1. Tension headache, also referred to as muscle contraction headache, is caused by muscle tightening at the back and shoulders. This is usually due to physical and emotional stress. The pain is usually described as a feeling of pressure, a band around the head or pain all over the head. Believed to be the most common cause of head pain, tension headache may be caused by working in awkward conditions and poor posture. Stress, anxiety and depression usually trigger tension headache. Tension headache is considered chronic when this occurs two or more times weekly for several months or longer. A visit to your doctor is advised.

The following are symptoms of tension headache.

a. A non-pulsing steady pain.

b. There is a feeling of pressure, tightness and fullness over the top of the head or back of the neck.

c. Occasional nausea or vomiting may be experienced.

Tension headache can usually be remedied by home treatment. Although aspirin or acetaminophen can relieve the pain, prolonged use is discouraged because of the reported accompanying adverse side effects. Home care treatment is a better pain management alternative than pain relievers. This can be done by taking a hot or cold shower and massaging the neck muscles. Lying in a dark room may also provide relief. Pain can also be relieved if you learn how to relax using meditation, biofeedback, visualization, music and hypnosis.

2. Cluster Headache is a very painful type of headache that mainly affects middle-aged men. A cluster headache doesn't usually present a sign before it begins or when it's going to end. This usually lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours before recurring. The pain usually worsens when a person lies down during an attack. Over the counter pain relievers do not prove helpful in relieving this type of headache. Inhaling 100 percent oxygen often brings relief.

Cluster headache exhibits these symptoms: A steady pain around one eye that usually occurs at the same time each day or evening. There is nasal congestion at one side of the face accompanied by watering and redness of one eye alongside the nasal congestion.

3. Migraine headache is caused by the widening of the blood vessels in the head. The person may experience nausea hence migraine headache is sometimes referred to as sick headache. Those who experience migraine may see bright spots or flashes of lights just before the headache strikes. There is over sensitivity to light. That's why a person suffering from a migraine headache wants to stay in a dark area. If you experience migraine headache, try to stay in a dark place and lie down placing a cool damp cloth on your forehead. The symptoms of migraine headaches include pulsating pain, pain that occurs mostly on one side of the head and an experience of a pre-headache phase that commonly includes distorted vision, abdominal pain and nausea.

Migraine headache is commonly triggered by stress, excitement, caffeine, bright light, hunger, fatigue and certain foods.

Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Headaches [http://headache-guides.com/]

Not Another Headache