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Headaches often appear common because of the generally mild symptoms of the disease. About 70 percent of headaches are caused by muscle tension. However, headaches can not be neglected, especially when it started to annoy your work. What can trigger headaches?

1. Boss.

Yes, the boss or work often triggers a sense of squeeze feeling in the head. In fact, all the things that cause stress or tension will make us more easily to get headache or migraine. A headache caused by emotional tension is called tension headache or functional headache.

People with headaches often feel stiff and strain at the back of his/her neck. Light massages can reduce the headache, but after some time the complaint will reappear.

2. Hot air.

The increase in air temperature often causes the occurrence of migraine or weight headaches. In a study 7.5 percent of respondents were experiencing headaches when the air is hot.

3. The aroma is too strong.

Do you ever feel dizzy because of smelling perfume? Strong aroma and even a fragrant usually cause the dizziness in the head. Not yet known why this happened, but experts suspect that the smell has a strong aroma which stimulates nervous system. In addition to perfume, a stink cat, flowers, or dust, often trigger the head throb.

4. Hair accessories.

The way we treat the hair can be influential to the head. Binding hair too tight can make the tissue network in the head strain and trigger a headache. Head band, hairpin, also a hat that is too tight will cause the same effect.

5. Sports

Sports that are too heavy, including sex, can also cause headaches. Excessive physical activity can make the blood vessel in the head and neck swelling, and depressed. Headache due to sports or sex is easier to attack people who are often exposed to migraine.

6. Body postures.

Not only sports that can cause the stress on the neck and head muscles. Body posture formed by daily habits can also cause headaches. Just a habit to sit with the position of the shoulders stoop, sit without support, scan a computer monitor when its position is too high or low, or squeeze the phone between ear and shoulder. If lately you often feel headache, it's time to improve your body posture daily.

6. Cheese.

The triggered of migraine often caused by cheese, including cheddar, blue cheese, mozzarella and parmesan. It is tyramine, a form of protein that has been parsed, which is in the cheese that specifically triggers migraine. The longer the food or drink is being process, the more it contains tyramine.

7. Red wine.

We can find Tyramine in red wine, and liquor. Beverages which contain alcohol will improve the flow of blood to the brain, so that head feels dizzy.

8. Skip lunch.

Empty stomach can cause headaches. In addition to dizziness, empty stomach also makes blood sugar go down, consequently the body feels weak. Prevent this by eating your lunch with balanced nutrition. Avoid consuming sweet foods such as chocolate to fill the empty stomach. The sugar from sweet foods will make blood sugar high instantly and then drop even lower than before.

9. Cigarettes.

Smoking causes headache, not only to people who smoke, but also passive smokers around. Nicotine causes blood vessel to the brain narrow, eventually the flow of blood to the brain decreases.

10. Caffeine.

The people who usually get headaches often are coffee lovers. Caffeine can indeed become his opponent at a time. In fact, some types of headache medications contain caffeine in it. However, on the other hand, caffeine can also cause headaches.


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Ten Headache Causes

Study How to Cure Headaches - With the Help of Some Simple Treatments far more

How to Cure Headaches - With the Help of Some Simple Treatments

Headache Cures

Headache Cures

A headache is a very common ailment affecting almost everyone, and anyone will do anything to get rid of it at the earliest. There are varying causes and reasons for a headache. Bottom line, one wants to know how to cure headache, be it any cause, as a headache has the capacity to disrupt one's daily routine.

Basically a headache can be relieved by pain killers or over the counter medications, but be warned that over the counter medications may have side effects, and should not be resorted to often. If the headache occurs frequently, then it is important to identify the cause of headache, first. General or common types of headaches are related to stress, tension, sinus, cold, hunger pangs, gastro disorders, etc. Headaches can be caused by other serious disorders, which will take some time to diagnose. Once the underlying cause is identified, they are referred to as triggers. Hence, identifying the trigger is one way of avoiding a headache, and also plays a role in curing a headache.

Other remedies recommended in curing headaches, or in relieving the pain, are like keep yourself away from harsh sunlight, be relaxed, get away from any stress, be calm and if possible keep yourself in a soothing environment, devoid of noise and try and sleep for some time. Another option would be to apply an ayurveda or herbal balm, which can relieve the pain. This is an external topical application of the balm on the temples and forehead of your face. Some prefer keeping a cold towel compress on your head and some people resort to yoga or meditation. Do not pop pain killing pills at the first sign of headache. Even hunger or dehydration can trigger it. Eat something light and hydrate your body.

Learn how to cure headache [] with the help of the simple and effective remedies available.

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Dorn Spinal Therapy was developed by a gentleman by the name of Dieter Dorn in Germany in the 1970's. Mr. Dorn, a farmer, had no medical training and sought out treatment for relief of his long term back pain. He had the fortune to meet a healer who performed a gentle procedure on him that eased his pain by helping vertebrae and joints sliding back into proper alignment. He then decided to learn the technique himself, help friends and family suffering from bad backs, and eventually teach it to others. Only slowly but steadily this new treatment approach is taking on its journey outside of the European border into Australia, the United States and Asia. Unless you keep up on all of the latest alternative treatement news, this is probably the first time you are hearing about it.

As most of the literature on Dorn Spinal Therapy is in various European languages, it has taken a while to get the information translated and distributed to English speaking countries. The Internet gets most of the credit for the increasing awareness of this exciting procedure now. This treatment can offer relief to anyone suffering the effects of a dysfunctional alignment in their spine. Studies have shown that these dysfunctions can cause restricted movement, pain, headaches, tinnititus and other ailments. If you suffer from back or neck pain, you know what it means to have restricted movement and just what a negative effect it can have on your quality of life. Chiropractic treatments are the most popular form of treatment for back pain in the USA, Australia and UK, but it has its drawbacks as many back pain sufferers might have experienced. Within the medical establishment in the United States and most developed countries, alternative treatments for back problems do not get the respect they deserve and therefore those of us wanting natural treatments must seek them out or find a knowledgeable practitioner to guide us. There are hardly any chiropractors making us aware of a different treatment that they do not provide.

With chiropractic treatments vertebrae are forced into place, while the Dorn technique encourages alignment using the natural movements of the patient. For example, if you are suffering from lower back pain, the practitioner would instruct you to swing one of your legs and at the same time he or she would use light pressure to push the vertebrae into alignment. Having the patient use a muscle at the time pressure is applied makes this method extremely safe because when the muscle is engaged it will not allow the vertebrae to move too far. Will Dorn Spinal Therapy help you? There is only one way to find out.

Whether you are seeking relief from lower back pain, neck pain or even stress relief, Dorn Spinal Therapy is one treatment you should look into. This gentle, natural treatment leaves most patients pain free within only three treatments. And even if you have been told you need back surgery because there is nothing that can help you, you might want to think again and look for a Dorn practitioner to give this treatment a go before undergoing final surgery. You would not be the first one to be spared from surgery and live a happy, painfree life after discovering the power of this treatment.


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Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headache? Give Dorn Spinal Therapy a Go!